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Önceki Buton Sonraki Buton
The Right Time to Dream
Nobody needs a special day to set new targets but let us face it, the new year’s day is a good time for this. Starting a new year means new decisions and new beginnings for most of all. It is customary to reconsider our vision for institutions that we manage, set new targets for the next year, and develop new strategies to take us to such targets. At this time of the year I always remember the famous quote by John Lennon: “Life is what happens to...

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Önceki Buton Sonraki Buton
Raising Hopes
Right through all the recent difficult times we have been going through as a country, something happened that filled us all with hope: Young Elif and Ayda greeting life once again from the wreckages. Each one of us had the inexplicable euphoria of witnessing a miracle when we saw the joy of life on their innocent faces. 81 million hearts interlocked around this miracle. And with our eyes filled with tears, we remembered once again that we can sur...

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Önceki Buton Sonraki Buton
Now It's Time to Learn from the Pandemic
This extraordinary period in which we live reminds me of a phrase that I love very much: “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” We all had plans for 2020, but life had quite different plans. The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most important events of the last 100 years. Because of the epidemic that has affected the entire world, we are all going through a difficult period. We are having an extremely interest...

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Önceki Buton Sonraki Buton
Get Up Early, Get Early
We are trying to survive and leave a trace behind in an industry subject to unavoidable changes every day. For all of us each day means a new game. And this game starts every day as we are in an age when the world has become a market both homogenous and multi-structured. I believe that the new generation of entrepreneurs will create great opportunities for Turkey. The young today take informed steps that will carry Turkey a step even further to a...

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