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Erol Bilecik
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I find something sacred about being a fan of a sports club. It is kind of unrequited love as well as being a passion that helps you wind down, relax and feel better. There is not one other common example where a game/event is taking place every weekend regularly and being spoken of till the next weekend. I feel very privileged to be a supporter of Fenerbahçe which is the most supported sports club in Turkey.

Erol Bilecik has inherited his love for Fenerbahçe from his father and where he was born. Although in the early years of his career his passion for Fenerbahçe was less pronounced, it became one of his top priorities after the age of 40. The football fixture has vital importance planning his weekend schedules.

Despite Fenerbahçe being a substantial part of Erol Bilecik’s life, his family is fully democratic on this aspect. His son Kaan and his wife İnci are supporters of Galatasaray while his daughter Naz is a big fan of Fenerbahçe just like himself. In the same family, they share the love of eternal rivals and  different colours.

Mr. Bilecik tells he had his own share as a football player while he was a child and afterwards he settled to just watch the games and make his own commentary. Currently he is holding the membership of both Fenerbahçe Sports Club’s Congress and Fenerbahçe 1907 Association’s Board of Directors.

Among the many precious footballers who has been a part of the club, Alex De Souza - whom he has most enjoyed watching- is definitely his favorite. His older favorite is Cemil Turan. His favorite technical director among all is Aykut Kocaman. He also finds Christoph Daum very successful.

Bilecik, who never forgets the derby games, remarks two particular games being the most exciting ones, both European games. First is the one, Fenerbahçe first played quarter final and won 3-2 in Sevilla Spain. Second is another quarter final game with Chelsea England which Fenerbahçe lost.


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