Erol Bilecik

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Erol Bilecik
Erol Bilecik Biyografi



ITU brand was a key that opened every lock in every corner of my life. ITU is a great advantage for you when you graduate and get to the field. In both professional and social life. ITU brand has paved the way for all my life bends. It was the invisible power behind us whenever we introduced our business and our companies in all the professional life.

ITU has a substantial place in Erol Bilecik’s life, who believes the stage of higher education is of great importance. His will to study at Technical University started to grow when he was in primary school, he made up his mind while he was going to the high school. His never ending bond officially established when he enrolled the university in 1981.

The school where he had the best times of his life had gained a more sentimental meaning when he met his future wife, Miss İnci. They started a pleasant long lasting relationship during school years.
After graduation, his bond with the university remained the same. Enrolled in the class known as '81, they get together at least once every year. He kept supporting the faculty through the Dean of Computer Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Eşref Adalı whom he has constantly stayed in touch. His contributions included taking part in the advisory board, encouraging the department to do more good deeds, arranging more meetings with the private sector .

Erol Bilecik who has become the Chairman of ITU Alumni Association in 2011, has transferred this duty to a younger predecessor in 16 April 2014. He is proud to be an ITU volunteer who would continously contribute this community and work for better communication of students and graduates. 

He is supporting the Scholarship Commitee within the association both individually and on corporate level by his company.


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