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Erol Bilecik
Erol Bilecik Biyografi



When you reach a certain age, you somehow get dragged into your hometown, you feel a strong attraction to past, mostly if you no longer live there. I guess that happens to most people who abandoned their hometown as I witness many others experiencing similar feelings. After 40, you feel a surge of need to visit, to connect back to the values and people of your hometown more often. This is the kind of relationship I have with Antakya-Hatay.

Antakya-Hatay is amongst Erol Bilecik’s indispensables. Adding on top of the ambiance and charm of the city to his relatives, childhood friends and close relations who still live there are of great importance to him.

In Mr. Bilecik’s eyes this is a city of peace, friendship and tolerance where people of different religious and ethnical backrounds have been living together in an athmosphere of affection. It is usual to meet people following the practice of different religions in mosques, churches and synagogues. The city has been home for 13 different civilizations. Anywhere you dig in the ground it is very likely to come across ancient remnants which is the main reason construction trade has not been grown much in the city.

Speaking of Hatay one has to pay homage to the local cuisine. Antakya is famous for many meze-like (appetizer) foods, Bilecik tells, his favorite food being çiğ köfte - a raw meat dish in Turkish cuisine-. Amongst his favorite main courses, sini kebap and sarmaiçi (also known as kısır in other parts of Turkey)

He enjoys the city club as well as the restaurants in Harbiye district where there are waterfalls and locally famous restaurants.


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