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Get Up Early, Get Early

We are trying to survive and leave a trace behind in an industry subject to unavoidable changes every day. For all of us each day means a new game. And this game starts every day as we are in an age when the world has become a market both homogenous and multi-structured. I believe that the new generation of entrepreneurs will create great opportunities for Turkey. The young today take informed steps that will carry Turkey a step even further to acquire competitive edge. Within this context, I advise young entrepreneurs to improve themselves better and make career in entrepreneurship not just with academic education they received at university but also with fundamental skills required in business world.

Being an entrepreneur may require hundreds of qualifications beyond having a brilliant idea but it is imperative that you work hard to be successful and differentiate. Therefore, young people should get on with the idea of working hard. This coupled with being comfortable with the idea of “overworking” and living it in every moment of your life will put you in front of your rivals. Keep in mind, you have an opportunity to make a career in a limitless domain. Thus, be the one that starts the game, not the one that takes part it; rise and shine early, hit the road and arrive early

The most critical point in entrepreneurship is persistence. Young entrepreneurs should be patient and improve their risk taking skills. If there is a failure, you should take it as a lesson, and stand up and start again quickly. I and my colleagues hold dear this philosophy: If something does not happen it is because it is going to happen in a better way.

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