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Erol Bilecik
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Our Two Most Important Strategies

The indispensable vision we have been holding since the first day we were founded has also become our strategy: “One stop shopping”. This is a strategy followed by each of the Index Grup companies all of which operate in the field of technology. The meaning of “one stop shopping” is to bring the products of technology to those who need them in the right time and to continuously expand the link of this product chain.

This chain of links has been constructed for each of our companies. With this strategy, we collected more than 200 contracts some of which are giant producers that lead the global technology. Time and again we define this job as “contract collection” and making the content real. We have also a sub-strategy related to the main one above: “High volume-low margin”. In other words, work with high volume but do it with low cost. This is the plain definition of our way of working here.

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