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Erol Bilecik
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Hatay Erol Bilecik Technical and Industrial Vocational High School

Erol Bilecik who states that social responsibility projects carried out with the purpose of helping young people located in economically backward Anatolian cities for educational purposes are of capital importance for them, made a resolution to establish an educational institution in Hatay with his family as of 2000s. Bilecik family who finds the slogan ‘’Vocational High School is a matter of Country’’ precious was going to realize the best example of this slogan in their own hometown. 

In parallel with ideas and support provided by friends of this family who lives in Hatay and particularly carries on a business in education sector, a protocol was signed for Industrial Vocational High School located in Hatay and providing training in communication with Governorship of Hatay to be demolished and rebuilt. 

With the same excitement, in 2007, Güçlü Construction acting as a contracting company pioneered the establishment of an industrial vocational high school which has probably the best equipment in Turkey and which is technically and dimensionally organized in the best way.

While this school completed in 2008 and opened following the donation to ministry of national education was admitting a thousand of students at the utmost, number of students reached to three thousand in the school thanks to awareness and contributions made in 2008. This precious school which was opened with the contributions of Mr. Hüseyin Çelik, Minister of Education of that period continues to take firm steps forward by increasing the number of succeed academically every passing year. Due to the fact that approximately 34 classrooms of this school were not sufficient to meet the requirements, next year additional trainings provided for afternoon were supplied in other schools. This concern indicated to the school did school management and parent-teacher association proud and excited.

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