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Erol Bilecik
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Erol Bilecik Congress Center

Erol Bilecik who stated that they really were excited and impassioned due to establishment of Hatay Erol Bilecik Technical and Industrial Vocational High School decided to establish the building of additional ateliers and Congress Center in the school after a while and signed a protocol with Governorship of Hatay in 2010. Therefore, it was the first move among industrial vocational high schools in Turkey. This center established with the purpose of rendering services to school’s own activities and other activities carried out within the city according to management of parent-teacher association can be also used by various institutions such as governorship, municipality, chamber of commerce or non-governmental organization. Erol Bilecik Congress Center which does not make people look for convention centers found in big cities thanks to its equipment such as technological substructure, lighting and sound scheme was opened in 2011 with a magnificent ceremony with the participation of Mr. Sadullah Ergin, Minister of Justice of that period. 

Therefore, this building became more an education campus than an ordinary high school. In this convention center, half-time conferences are organized two times a year for students and participants following that the important persons from technology market and business world participate in such conferences. Therefore, a great contribution is aimed for both students and business world in Hatay with such conferences. This leads school’s awareness to be increased just a little more.

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