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Hatay Archeological Museum (Transfer of Mosaic Museum to cyber world)

Hatay where more than 13 civilizations have lived until today reserves several cities, shelters, bathhouses, bridges hidden under soil. Approximately 4 thousand historical artifacts can be seen by everyone in Hatay Archeological Museum located in Hatay which has a rich and magnificent historical value. However, more than 40 thousand masterpieces in approximately are found under soil as marked. Because current area of this museum is not available to exhibit such work of art in terms of square meter. However, structure for a new museum is currently under a fast construction. Due to the fact that Hatay region which is found in the second row of category for archeological museums, a website was prepared with participants over there with the purpose of introducing this region to the world and a protocol was signed with Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the purpose of creating a virtual platform where work of art and their images are available and this site was put into effect with the contributions of IBM and Marjinal PorterNovelli. Website called has been one of the best cyber museums where more than 100 important work of art are animated and which can be followed in foreign language. After opening this virtual museum, number of visitors reached to 7-8 time increment both directly and virtually.
In the opening date of this site, an enthusiastic cultural and artistic activity organized in Antakya-Hatay was carried into effect with the contributions and participation of Mr. Yüksel Günay, Minister of Tourism of that period and Michel Sharuk, General Manager of IBM.

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